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Recycling at its Finest

Frugal and Forward Thinking

Krossroads Playhouse wants to create a state-of-the-art facility for the Triad theatre scene, but we also want to keep costs down. To this end, we have found items we can recycle back into the theater. For example, all the seats. That's right, all 130 seats came out of the Carolina Theatre in Greensboro when they were renovating. We cleared out the mezzanine section. They also gave us multiple bolts of fabric so that we could reupholster the lot.

When we dismantled the LF Davis house on North Cherry Street, we gave parts of the house to the Kernersville Museum and items (such as the windows) to local artists. One of the coal burning fireplaces had an ornate cast iron surround. We were fortunate to find two more in the crawl space. We had them sandblasted and powder coated Pearl White to be used as our ticket and will-call windows in the lobby. We also salvaged the antique corbels from the roofline. By using these and other items, we can pay tribute to the original home, save money, and give Krossroads a warm, Southern charm.

We are fortunate to have many friends and colleagues in the theater world who are willing to "recycle it forward." By that we mean they have donated or have promised to donate their surplus or replaced assets. This includes items such as: lights, sound equipment, sheet music, scripts, costumes, office equipment, and a host of goodies a growing theater like Krossroads Playhouse needs.

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